Lemme just put a lil intro here right quick…

Remember when we had private diaries? Now we vent by posting all our personal business online for publicity and “likes”. Well, not ALL of us, right? Some of us are “smarter” than that. Some of us know how to filter out the negative and make our lives look perfect, even if they’re legit Jerry Springer material. Most of us hold ourselves to higher standards than that, but we don’t mind “ghetto” people occasionally making us feel better about ourselves by following their shit shows on our social media accounts. And that’s human. Humans feel the need to socially categorize one another, even unintentionally. We place each other into boxes by race, sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, IQ, financial status, and so much more. It’s just how our brains make sense of things, by using previously learned material to connect to new material, we recognize similarities and into that box we go. Often, these boxes overlap; but that technicality goes undetected by stereotypes. So, we’re stuck with these labels, desperately trying to convince ourselves and others that we’re not like that- that we’re better. That we are the exception, these titles don’t determine who we are. And while those things may be objectively true, we’re still a part of that category and our labels help build us into individuals. Not to suggest that the stereotypes deserve to go unchallenged, but the traits these categories are based around remain. One of the very first labels I ever received I often viewed as negative, even considered that using the label as my domain name would be divisive and deter potential readers from even clicking the link; however, I’ve instead chosen to embrace this title as an important unit of my identity and challenge others to keep an open mind towards labels otherwise perceived as negative.

I am a ghetto teen mom. Who are you?

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